Our Responsibilities

The safety and health of our employees, contractors, and visitors is of utmost importance.  We are committed to maintaining a safe environment in the office and every field location.

We hold ourselves to high environmental standards.  We work closely with regulatory agencies and other stakeholders to continually assess and evaluate risks and take advantage of opportunities for improvement, so that we meet or exceed all regulatory and industry standards.

We believe that good corporate governance is central to our operations, our investors and our reputation.  The principles and practices captured in our company documents and policies, as well as the culture of integrity that cannot be fully captured in them, are central to our ongoing ability to provide energy, high-quality jobs, investor returns and tax revenues that fund public policy.

Tanglewood’s governance is designed to enhance our ability to pursue the long-term objectives that are critical to the energy exploration and production sector.  It is also designed to ensure ongoing accountability and transparency.